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Begin your adventure at 6:00 p.m. EST.

If you guys want to talk to me I’m on Pesterchum (sburbbetaStart).

hetahomestuckgirl asked:

  • I want the game


Come talk to me on Pesterchum. I’m sburbbetaStart.

I should probably say to those of you who just started following me, this was an experiment that I did last December to see how well the fandom would band together and help each other instead of fight, like we normally do.

But, if you would like to download the “game,” then by all means, click here. And, I swear it’s not a virus.

Out of curiosity, did the meteor that hit Russia have any strings attached to Sburb?

Maybe????? I mean, I know as much as you do about that meteor (I’m not really an expert in Russian science), but I can’t say I’m not hoping.

is there anyway we can contact you outside of this tumblr?

Yes, but I’m still debating on whether or not to give out my actual Tumblr.


I did end up drawing (sort of bad) character designs in class today for “myself,” if you guys want to see them.

//to the anon wondering if i'm a reaǁ troǁǁ or not, i'ǁǁ ǁeave that deȼision up to you. you aǁǁ wiǁǁ see me again though. -ȼhronoȼoder
so how do you think the experiment went? any interesting insights? also thanks, having all these srs talks about classes and aspects and teams with my homestuck friends was hella fun.

The experiment went really well, actually! Everything played out as I thought, except I got less anon hate than expected, which is good! All around good results!

wait a second, i'm confused. was the person that said they were a troll (in the memo) kidding with us or was that a legitimate thing?

I honestly have no idea

If you guys really want something like Sbrag, go follow sbargv2!